Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Beginning

My first blog. A time for self-indulgence and expression. I decided to start writing my first post today to commemorate what seems to be an exceptionally pretty day. The sun was strong and hot, the air was pleasantly cool and not too humid, and the sky was full of little cumulus clouds. The light was peculiarly dappling the leaves on the tree outside my office and made me long for the perfect Fall day imprinted in my mind from Washington DC days.

The weather in Singapore is not as I remember it as a child. I used to be frustrated by the humidity and sheer, unrelenting heat from the sun that would beat down upon my head as I trudged home from school. We still have hot, humid, bright days but many more that are tempered by dark clouds and bursts of tropical rain. So much so that I am now able to give up air-conditioning almost entirely and utilise my wonderful ceiling fan.

I am personally a big advocate of the traditional ceiling fan. If I could create a dream home, I would have ceiling fans in every room. Apart from the practical advantages of lower utility bills and less environmental impact, there's something very romantic and nostalgic about the soothing swish of a ceiling fan - evocative of a by-gone era when babies slept in sarongs attached to the ceiling and were rocked by the slight movement of the foot (where the string was attached to).

Having a ceiling fan also means that you open up your windows to the outside world - to hear the sound of birds and insects (ok, and sometimes traffic) and to smell the different smells that waft by the window (the freshness of rain-wet grass, the acridity of smog from burning joss paper).

So thus concludes my first blog. Musings about light, smells, airiness and nothing at all :)